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Mayor Gin's Amazing Introductory Message! [Setting Info]
Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:35 am by Admin
Welcome to Shinzui City, a peaceful utopia lead into the future by the famous IllusioCorp and myself, Mayor Gin! Us officials here in Shinzui City work hard to make sure that life here is as crime free and pollution free as possible! Our law enforcement is strict, well-trained, and fair! And every breath of air will feel just as fresh as the last thanks to the generous Air Purification Systems …

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 Character Profile Composition

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Gap Hag's Lackey
Gap Hag's Lackey

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PostSubject: Character Profile Composition   Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:51 am

Alright, so you want to get straight into the meat of things and make your character? Alright, allow me to give you a template for character submission, guidelines for what is and is not acceptable, and some friendly advice! Now, I'll divide this up into three posts in this thread, so things are easier to pinpoint.

Ah, don't post your character sheets in this thread, by the way. ... Well, not that you can, seeing as how I'm locking this after I finish... But, this forum DOES Make use of the Character Sheet module. However, working it out will require contacting an Admin or Moderator and have them fill it out for you. This here is more for review purposes, as well as giving others an easily accessible directory of who all is involved in this crazy story.

Now, before I move onto the post containing the [Template]... I have one polite request to make things easier on myself and any other staff on Character Review duty: In the Topic, put your character's name, followed by their 'Gensokyo Essence' in brackets. For example...

"Shujin, Kousuke [Hakurei, Reimu]"

... Like that. It'll make things easier on the staff, and most likely on other members as well! So please try and follow that convention?

... Also, if someone actually tries to make a character named "Shujin, Kousuke" and does a great job with it, there will be a damn reward. But be careful! The bar is set high for that, and you will most likely end up wasting your time in vain hopes of getting the prize, and end up missing out on the Gensou Essence that you want...

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Gap Hag's Lackey
Gap Hag's Lackey

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PostSubject: The Template   Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:00 pm

[Self explanitory. We can't address them if we have nothing to address them with!]

[Please try to keep this reasonable.]

[Do you have a POnOs? Or a VagOO? Or are you somewhere inbetween? Or somewhere entirely different from both?]

Gensou Essence:
[This is basically which Touhou character's skill set your character has obtained. We don't accept duplicates, however, so make sure to look over other approved characters before making a choice.]

[This one is rather unique one. This is basically for combat and various out-of-combat challenges, and determining if you have a natural inclination for this or not. The three choices are "Power", "Wisdom", and "Instinct". There's a Rock-Paper-Scissors effect to them, as well. "Power" can tank through the machinations of "Wisdom". "Wisdom" is able to outwit and counter the wild actions of "Instinct". "Instinct" is able to weave around the attacks of "Power" and dish out punishment.]

Shot Type:
[Oh, come on. What's something inspired by a bullet hell without the bullets? -Lame Bubsy Joke- But jokes aside, there are three types to choose from, with a similar Rock-Paper-Scissors chain to the "Attribute" field. "Focus", "Spread", and "Pierce". "Focus" is able to clear through "Spread" to hit home. "Spread" is able to easily move around "Pierce" and give the shooter plenty of time to dodge. "Pierce" is able to break through "Focus"'s shots and tear apart their tightened defenses.]

Level (EXP/To Next LVL) :
Spell Cards:
[These three will only come into play once you get your character approved. So, these will be covered in the next post.]

[... Seriously, is this one so hard to figure out? Tell us what you look like, ya' nineball!]

[Give us your character's story. Don't worry, we won't metagame. This is more to prevent unscrupulous types from cheating or entering Mary Sue territory.]

[Now, this one is a bit of an oddball. What you need to do here is basically just give a brief summary (3~4 sentences will work!) about your character's behavior and their overall disposition. This is something that can easily change through what your character experiences, so we're rather lenient on this. Just... Try not to be 'that guy'. Okay?]
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Gap Hag's Lackey
Gap Hag's Lackey

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PostSubject: The Guidelines   Wed Sep 07, 2016 3:23 pm

Alright, spanky. you probably want to know what the hell is the deal with some of the fields in that template, as well as what restrictions apply. Well, sit down, buckle your pants and let good ol' Granpappy tell ya' what fer!

... Okay, serious time.

First off... Gensou Essences. These are gonna' be explained in detail in a "Lore" post, so I'll summarize it here for the sake of saving time: Your character's Gensou Essence determines which character's Skill Set they have. If your Gensou Essence is Youmu Konpaku... Congrats! You have the abilities, affinities, and Spells of Youmu Konpaku. Does this affect personality? Not necessarily. But it can if you'd like. It doesn't really make a difference to us, to be honest. However... Not EVERYONE is available for choosing, and duplicates are not allowed.

While the first post in this handy little thread has a guideline for Profile Topic titling, I'm going to make two additional threads in this board. One will list off which "Gensou Essences" are free and which are taken, and another will list both Gensou Essences, Spells, and Ability Uses that are not okay, and thus BANNED.

You can find the Essence Ledger HERE ... Eventually.
And you can find the Ban List HERE ... Eventually.

(I'm working on it, okay?!)

Now, Characters will have Stats. We're getting a bit Tabletop in here, so be ready. The stats are nothing really complex, but for everyone's sake, I'll explain 'em here and now:

Stats Explanation - Click to Expand:

Now, every player gets a starting grant of 150 Stat Points to spend once their character is Approved. However, if the player manages to go above and beyond and get some commendations on how much effort they put in... The staff may be inclined to offer up to an extra 25 points to reward them. So, try to be creative! Avoid lame cliches, don't cut corners, and you may get a starting boost yourself!

Level... Is something that will go up by means of earning Experience. Everyone starts at level 1, and it always takes 100 EXP to level up. Now, how does one earn EXP, you ask? Simple!

  • Participation in the Roleplay
  • Clearing Challenges
  • Participating in Battles
  • Resolving Incidents
  • Solving dilemmas the party faces
  • Special Events hosted by the Staff

EXP gain will be slow, but with a flat rate of 100 per Level Up, I think that's reasonable.

Finally... Spell Cards. These are a case-by-case deal that will require you to work them out with a staff member once your character gets approved. So try not to worry about them right away. Focus on getting your character approved first!

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Gap Hag's Lackey
Gap Hag's Lackey

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PostSubject: The Gap Hag's Lackey's Advice   Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:57 am

Coming Soon to this post near you...
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile Composition   

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Character Profile Composition
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