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Mayor Gin's Amazing Introductory Message! [Setting Info]
Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:35 am by Admin
Welcome to Shinzui City, a peaceful utopia lead into the future by the famous IllusioCorp and myself, Mayor Gin! Us officials here in Shinzui City work hard to make sure that life here is as crime free and pollution free as possible! Our law enforcement is strict, well-trained, and fair! And every breath of air will feel just as fresh as the last thanks to the generous Air Purification Systems …

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 Harusame, Kazuya [Marisa Kirisame]

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PostSubject: Harusame, Kazuya [Marisa Kirisame]   Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:36 pm

Harusame, Kazuya
春雨 一哉



Gensou Essence:
Marisa Kirisame - "Danmaku is all about power, da ze!"


Shot Type:

Level (EXP/To Next LVL): 0/100
Spell Cards:
Spell Name
Love Sign - "Master Spark"The signature spell of the Marisa Gensou Essence. A powerful, rainbow-colored laser fired from the hands or a Mini-Hakkero.35 SPA Focus-type attack that ignores the Attribute chain. Deals 5*YIN in damage to one foe on a successful roll.5 Actions
Magic Sign - "Milky Way"A streaming barrage of stars in a spiraling formation that resembles its namesake. Useful for crowd control?20 SPA Spread-type Attack that deals damage equal to 3*YANG to all enemies on successful roll. Failure damages allies instead of enemies.3 Actions
"Blazing Meteor"In which one "Becomes Master Spark" and goes for a flying tackle propelled by a giant laser. Fun, but also kinda' scary. Even to Kazuya. Also good for emergency escapes!30 SPA Pierce-type attack that gives a +10 Boost to Speed for 2 turns, and deals damage equal to (POW + YIN)*2. Failure causes recoil damage equal to POW+YIN.4 Actions

Standing at a modest 5'4", Kazuya is initially someone that does not make for much of an imposing figure. And... That'd be absolutely correct for the most part. With a lean build mixed with his short stature, fair skin that's very lightly tanned, and a facial build the borderlines on androgynous, this 'Ordinary Student' could pass for a Middle School student rather than the young adult he actually is. His hair--blond locks kept in a loose braid in the back, reaching down to just past his shoulder blades--is surprisingly well kept, while his dark green eyes often are aglimmer with mischief and cheer.

Kazuya's outfit consists of a pair of gray cargo shorts held up with a belt (Only one, that's worn properly to boot. Take note, Nomura), some assorted metal charms dangling from one of the belt loops, and a white t-shirt with a simple shooting star print on the front... Not that said shirt gets seen very often, thanks to the burnt orange hoodie he wears and almost always keeps almost entirely zipped up. The hood itself is a bit strange-looking with two corners up top that--when it's worn upright--tend to resemble the ears of a cat (Or a fox). It also sports a white 'three star' print on one side.

Thanks to a bit of 'personalization' Kazuya performed, there are zippers on the forearm sections of the sleeves. This allows him to change it between being 'long sleeved' and 'short sleeved' as he wishes. Though, it should be noted that the full sleeves possess a thumbhole near the end, giving them a sort of 'psuedo-glove' kind of function when he wants it to.

His shoes are a pair of black and white sneakers that are both designed to give him traction for high-velocities (Read: When flying on his medium of choice)... As well as elevate his height a bit (He claims that it's not even a full inch, but it's actually two). Topping off Kazuya's ensemble are two accessories: a single silver pendant that he wears at all times, and a pair of forest green goggles that are either worn properly or angled upwards to leave his eyes clear (Like many a certain series' protagonists do).

He'll claim to no end that there's nothing special about the goggles, but he secretly enchanted them to be able to do "That cool glasses light reflection thing" with just a bit of magic channeled into them.

As a child, Kazuya has always had an appreciation for all things flashy and/or mystical. While it is far from strange for a child to take interest in such things, the blond took his interest to a level of insisting that magic and spirits and the like were real. As a result, he was often dismissed as a delusional child or a "chuuni". A judgement that only mildly irritated Kazuya when it proved to be a hinderance in dealing with other people.

Forced into being a loner thanks to his firm belief left its mark on the boy as the years went on, leading to him taking up two particular hobbies as a result: Skating and Pranking. The former allowed him a speed and freedom that allowed him to feel as though he could 'fly'--a sensation that the lad adored. The latter was more a means to get back at his less-polite peers who criticized him and his beliefs and hobbies, and as a ways to get attention and somewhat normal interactions with others.

Alas, try as he might... The stigma of being considered an outcast like he was left Kazuya rather socially awkward and with a number of quirks that didn't help his situation any.

After a somewhat miserable first year of high school, Kazuya--with the blessing of his parents who tried their best to support their odd child who never outgrew his childhood fascination--was allowed to move out on his own to Shinzui City, where a family friend ran an apartment complex and was willing to help Kazuya out. Transferring into Onmyou Gakuen and hoping to avoid alienating himself from others like he had before, Kazuya held high hopes.

... Then he encountered the person known as only as "Subaru", and his plans were thrown entirely out the window with the blond obtaining a Gensou Essence, and having his beliefs from childhood entirely validated. And while happy with this change, Kazuya still hoped to maintain at least a somewhat normal school life.

Socially awkward, Eccentric, Mildly Childish, Fun Loving, and Mischievous are all terms that fit Kazuya to the letter. A prankster by nature, as well as a 'scientist' of sorts ("Okay, so I just add these into the mixture, stir for a boom-shacka-bam, aaaaaaaand nope. Nothing."), the holder of the Marisa Gensou Essence is surprisingly easy to get along with... Provided, there will be plenty of times where he'll need to be reigned in with a slap upside the head. Also, if one values their sanity... Do not let him talk you into helping him test run some 'new creations'.
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Harusame, Kazuya [Marisa Kirisame]
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